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Port - A - Deck
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Assembled Decks starting at $695.00 - Installed

A product of Portable Wood Products
We have designed a Wood Deck that is not only practical, useful, and attractive, but completely PORTABLE!
Our Decks are designed with the seasoned Camper in mind. These Decks are completely PORTABLE. Once built the basic Deck can be assembled or disassembled in 1 hour or less. The Deck is extremely durable and sturdy!
Not only is this Deck a must have at the Camp Ground, but it can be used at home for houses that have underground utilities and cannot have a permanent Deck installed. With our Port - A - Deck system you can have your Deck and still have access to your underground utilities. The possibilities are endless. If you live in a Mobile Home community, or in an apartment or a rental that won't let you install a permanent Deck, the Port - A - Deck system is the answer.
We will build the Deck for you and set it up at your Location.


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